Food Yield Edit

Food yield is affected by two main factors: terrain and centralization.

Farms in snow, desert, or mountain terrain will have a -25% decreased yield.

Farms, like homes, are affected by centralization, so make sure farms are near the capitol or near a colony.

Upgrade Costs Edit

  • Farm I +(€ 1.6k, 40 food, €10 upkeep)
  • Farm II +(€ 2k, 40 food, €10 upkeep)
  • Farm III +(€ 2k, 40 food, €10 upkeep)
  • Farm IV +(€ 4k , 40 food, €10 upkeep)
  • Farm V +(€ 6k , 40 food, €10 upkeep)

Looking at the trends above, it is more economically efficient to build new farms than it is to upgrade existing farms.

After reaching Farm V, with the correct research, farms can upgrade into hydrofarms, which require electricity to function.

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